Free Root Beer Floats from A&W

June 18, 2008 at 12:07 am 1 comment

So yesterday, A&W Restaurants across the U.S. gave away free root beer floats. Who doesn’t love root beer floats? Moreover, who doesn’t love free? Of course I, along with Kim, headed over to the Cool Springs A&W / KFC after my hour long kickboxing class at the Cool Springs YMCA to partake in the FREE ice creamy, root beery goodness. All through kickboxing class, all I could think about was how all this hard calorie-burning work was going to be so worth it because of the guilt-free root beer float that was soon to follow.

I was practically salivating when we got to the counter. We ordered KFC popcorn chicken and requested our free root beer floats. Yum, yes? Uh … no. The root beer was not only warm, but it was also flat, and not just root beer flat … really flat. I didn’t even finish it. And I was super thirsty from a long, hot workout. On top of all that, the whole place was kind of gross. There were flies attacking the buffet. I would not recommend the Cool Springs A&W to anyone. I would probably only go back if they were offering free floats again in hopes of undoing the damage caused to my taste buds.

Oh, A&W, why do you have to entice me with your promises of sweet root beer float goodness only to disappoint me so? Why? Why?

A picture of false promises and shattered dreams … sigh


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